By joining XBRL South Africa, your organisation will also become part of the international XBRL consortium promoting the standard for financial and business reporting. To find out about the benefits of international membership, Read more

XBRL SA has eleven categories of membership, one for academics, individuals, audit/advisory firms, listed entities on the main board, listed entities on the venture capital market/AltX, other public entities, private companies (large), private companies (small and medium), non-profit organisation, non-South African entities/individuals and state owned companies.

To join XBRL South Africa, complete the XBRL SA membership application form and email back to mulalar@saica.co.za and Read the XBRL SA membership policy and the XBRL SA membership fees

Benefits of membership

  • Through membership in the South African jurisdiction, your organisation will participate and influence the development of XBRL in South Africa, gain a time-to-market advantage, and acquire a significant lead in developing and implementing XBRL within your products or services in South Africa.
  • Your organisation and its logo will be listed on the XBRL South Africa website with a link to your corporate home page.
  • Your organisation will have access to excellent networking opportunities and openness to new contacts.
  • Your organisation will have access to presentation material, training material, and other material which helps you in your XBRL work.
  • Your organisation will be participating in a collaborative effort to improve the quality and transparency of financial and business reporting.
  • Your organisation will discover ways of creating new and better applications